A Word on Nosgoth

By now we've all heard that Nosgoth has been revealed as the next Legacy of Kain game. But it's an MMO and not what you should expect.

I can hear the amount of concern through the Internet. I can hear the outcry already; that a Legacy of Kain game is not suited to the MMO genre. That we're so accustomed to a strong, single-player, story-driven experience that it obviously can't transition well to a massively multiplayer game.

And you know what? You're right. We shouldn't expect a continuation to Raziel's story so long after Defiance. It's been ten -- ten -- years since Defiance was released and frankly, if we were to get the game we wanted, that we've been demanding all these years it would most certainly flop as nobody would remember the story of Kain and Raziel.

We, the fans, need to embrace this injection of new ideas and fresh blood. We need to show that this game can be a (financial) success and then, maybe, we'd see another instalment of our undead heros.

Of course I have my doubts, my reservations and concerns and I need to think about how much of that is wrapped in nostalgia or genuine concern. Soul Reaver continues to be one of my favourite games even after a decade. I'm worried that without more nods to lore Nosgoth could simply become a generic Vampires Vs. Humans MMO that will help prove to Square Enix that the series isn't worth investing in.

Until then, with ten previous cancelled Legacy of Kain games under Square's belt, we need to be supportive and encourage this game to become a success because if it's not? We can pretty much lay the series to rest and forget any chance of seeing a continuation or finale of the fantastic story that has been established in the Soul Reaver and Blood Omen games.

In the meantime; do register on the official forums and express your thoughts. Together we have the ability to make this a game everybody will enjoy and when you hear, "Who was Raziel?" that's our chance, as fans, to let people know the awesome games they've missed out on.

More coming soon.